When I appear…

To Ven. Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche via Ken Friedman

When I appear in the field
of the five-color lupins
those living candle jewels
standing in attention
for space and time
stilled by the same attention,
I meet there Hope and Fear,
the parents of this I,
and we confess at last
that separation is
long overdue,
that them and I are tired no end
of this demanding link,
of pictures of us three
where ‘cheese’ of our smiles
gone rotten long ago.
And so we’re standing midst
the living lupin field
we say goodbye
and thank you
and for good
dissolve into thick air,
Hope, Fear, and I,
so that nonchalant bees
can harvest and enjoy
the medicinal drops
of liberation.


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