Daily Archives: 05/08/2014

The Toy that Grasps

The most expensive toys of human mind
are those it can endlessly assemble;
this assemblage in some of us can take
the time of life entirely and fully.

Of course the mind is fed up every time
with anything it squeezes into grasping.
And so the most exquisite bagatelle
and fine contraptions are forsaken quickly.

The only toy the mind would never drop,
the only thing will keep the mind enchanted—
this ultimate and non-assembled blast
that makes the playing mind


The Human-Human Dictionary, “Accept you”

I accept you as you are:
if this fictious boundary of physical
bodies dissolved, and you and I
are merged as one in all our current,
immediate—no history involved—
traits, and features, and whims,
and oddities,
and fears,
and darknesses
and dazzling beauties,
I’m ready—neither desiring nor despising—
to deal with all and any of them
as my own.

Synonyms: I’m ready to be you
and live with it.