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a friendly and auspicious lizard called Liz. made for my fellow sister.


paper mache, oil


triple dance

when we get tired of tangoing with hatred and resentment,
we’re stolen for a ceili by affection and fondness,
but then the music dies out and born back
as a nameless flow of something
that can be danced in any formation,
as well as solo,
where there’s no-one left to push or pull.
ocean does this brilliantly, already, by the way.
try it. no manuals required. no manners. no maneuvers.


stable opinions

the only stable opinion worth having
is the one that would help you saving
or any other fellow being.
or at least it’s fun to have.
otherwise any opinion
is an investment 
in wasted brainlife.

and that’s my opinion, yes.

O Leading Lady

O leading lady, elegized and hailed
As nothing else, we all live at your feet.
Yet roles of yours all different, but the same,
All flowers are yours, but you don’t need them.

You never do encores, you always leave.
You touch us all, but deeper touched are women.
Here on your temple is a sign of hare,
They do believe you feed some people’s madness.

The stage is yours in silent pantomime,
Your orchestra is tacit, enigmatic.
Dispassionate you are perceived, aloof,
But doors of mystery are also always silent.

O leading lady, hated and adored
By those who only watch the pointing finger
And not yourself, but those who really see
They see you not. No moon and no water.


The Waltz

One, two, three, one, two, three—
Three steps in everything
One, two, three, one, two, three—
Birth, life, and death.

First, I am lost in it,
Then I give names to it,
Then I can handle it
Naming no more.

(Intermission in the dance:
Calling names is a well-respected habit. The tighter your rolodex the better, it seems.
Yes and no. When you’ve figured quite many names, interestingly enough, knowing that joy is named joy doesn’t make joy brighter, and knowing that pain is called pain doesn’t make pain duller, you see.)

Yes, I can feel it,
Yes, I can’t help it,
Yet any suchness
Is never there.

First, I don’t know it,
Later I claim it mine,
But in the core of it,
No-one and none.

The Toy that Grasps

The most expensive toys of human mind
are those it can endlessly assemble;
this assemblage in some of us can take
the time of life entirely and fully.

Of course the mind is fed up every time
with anything it squeezes into grasping.
And so the most exquisite bagatelle
and fine contraptions are forsaken quickly.

The only toy the mind would never drop,
the only thing will keep the mind enchanted—
this ultimate and non-assembled blast
that makes the playing mind


The Human-Human Dictionary, “Accept you”

I accept you as you are:
if this fictious boundary of physical
bodies dissolved, and you and I
are merged as one in all our current,
immediate—no history involved—
traits, and features, and whims,
and oddities,
and fears,
and darknesses
and dazzling beauties,
I’m ready—neither desiring nor despising—
to deal with all and any of them
as my own.

Synonyms: I’m ready to be you
and live with it.